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Welcome to my free video course series on building a blog or website. I’ve got 7 tutorials below walking you step by step through the blog creation process from selecting your domain URL to picking a website theme to creating pages, articles, and a menu. The course takes about 90 minutes to watch all the videos in this series.

I’ve also got a massive 20 step guide to starting an online business I highly recommend checking out when you complete this 7 video series tutorial. Click here to view the 20 step guide.

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Free Video Series: How to Create a Blog

Lesson #1: Purchasing Hosting and Installing WordPress

Purchase hosting using BlueHost here

Lesson #2: Buying a Domain URL

Buy a domain from Namecheap here

Lesson #3: General Settings Configuration & Selecting a Website Theme

Recommended Paid Themes:

Lesson #4: Customizing the Sidebar & Widgets for the Sidebar

See our resources page for plugin recommendations

Lesson #5: Downloading Plugins/Adding Awesome Features to Your Website

See our resources page for plugin recommendations

Lesson #6: How to Create Pages and Create a Menu

Lesson #7: Creating Your First Blog Post

Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to start a WordPress Website and can begin building yours now. Before you go, I want to share 3 reasons why websites are great to have:

  1. Brand Yourself – you can make an about you website telling people who you are, what you do, as well as any personal information you want to share. This can help you when networking or trying to get a job. Send your prospective employer or business client to your website.
  2. Earning Passive Income – with a website you can self host products you create and sell rather than outsource them to a 3rd party market site like Amazon who takes 30% to 70% of the sales revenue from you when you make a sale. Websites can turn into 6 figure businesses by generating affiliate income, ad revenue, sponsorhip revenue, and eProduct revenue.
  3. Sharing Your Passion With Others – a website gives you the opportunity to show your knowledge and passion for a given subject you pursue. You get to be the authoritative figure helping someone under you who isn’t quite on your level yet knowledge wise. Writing blog posts can help clear your thoughts and help you store information you may want to read yourself later to re-learn as well as teach others who come across your website.

Overall, you can be successful online if you set your mind to it. There’s lots of opportunity. Thousands of people start new websites every day so make today your day and get started. Click here to begin!

Best of luck,

Nick Foy

P.S. Need help? Reach out to me on social media with questions @under30wealth or on our Facebook Community Page