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Is It Possible to Earn a Living from the Internet?

Are you tired of your job? Frustrated with your boss or co-workers?

Or maybe you just wish you had more freedom as to how you get to spend your time each day.

I’d like to share some methods you can use to make money fast on the internet.

There are many teenagers building 6 figure businesses these days thanks to eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Shopify.

I got started with WordPress websites in the blogging space but eventually built my own self-hosted eCommerce store, selling digital products at high profit margins.

I wrote an article on ways to make an extra $500 per month you should start with.

Here’s the 4 methods you can make quick money online:

  1. Working as a freelancer
  2. Selling online courses / sharing your knowledge
  3. eBay Flipping – Garage Sales
  4. Amazon / Shopify

Once you can generate lots of money from these online business models, learn how to invest it in real estate to grow your wealth and earn more passive income.

How to Start an Internet Based Business

Working as a Freelancer

One of the quickest and simplest ways to get started as an online entrepreneur is performing freelance work for other companies, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

There are a wide range of tasks a company will outsource to online freelancers at a cheaper hourly rate rather than taking on a full time employee that they have to pay salary + benefits.

Start off by determining what tasks someone else would need completed in their business, and fill that gap by performing work for them in this area of your expertise.

Step #1: What Skills Do You Have?

The first question to ask is what skills do you have. Internet based businesses usually involve sales, marketing, advertising, social media, websites, graphic design, video, audio, and email marketing.

Once you determine your skills, you can begin searching for work online as a freelancer.

There are websites like where you can sign up as an independent contractor and take on several clients who are searching for skills you possesses.

As you complete work for people, ask them to leave positive feedback to help you get good reviews and ultimately more business.

To receive 5 star reviews, make sure you are quick to respond to all messages. You also need to effectively communicate with the other party about the job they’re asking of you, finding out what exactly they need done and their expectations. Next you need to perform quality work, and meet or exceed deadlines they give you.

Do these tips and you’ll get great reviews from most business owners.

Step #2: What Skills Do You Need to Learn?

Next decide what skills you need to learn. As you start performing jobs for people, you’ll learn that there are things you could learn to become more dynamic and provide greater value to your clients. You’ll also learn areas you could improve.

Step #3: Sign Up on Freelance Websites

Make a list of several websites that are marketplaces for companies to hire freelancers. A few suggestions to get you started include:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Elance
  • Craigslist
  • 99Designs
  • PeoplePerHour

Once you’ve got your list, do some research about each platform to learn more about their fees, how they work, etc.

Then decide which platforms are worth signing up on as a freelancer and begin creating your profile on each.

Make sure to fill your profile out completely and with information that effectively markets you as a person worth hiring. Include a professional profile photo as well.

Step 4: Screen Job Postings and Send a Bid

Most websites will have a job posting section where you can filter out the specific types of jobs you’re looking to be hired for based on your skill set.

Spend an hour or two each day looking through all the job posts and pick the ones that interest you. Then message the person or submit a bid for the job depending how the platform works that you’re using.

Step #5: Ask For Referrals

Once you’ve completed a job, make sure to send a follow up message asking for referrals if they were satisfied with your work.

You can also ask for referrals offsite. Create a Facebook business page, YouTube account, Instagram account, and other social networks that can be used to market your services and build a following.

If you’re a graphic designer, share some of your creative work on your Instagram page or Facebook page. This will lead to others being exposed to your work and can ultimately lead to referrals down the road.

Overall, freelance work is a great way to make some extra cash at night when you get home from your day job. It’s also a great way to make money while traveling so you’re able to afford your trip and not setting yourself back financially.

Make Money Online by Selling eCourses

While the first method above is the quicker way to get started making money online, I believe the latter method (selling eCourses) is the best way to make money.

Selling eCourses requires patience and a long term vision due to how long it takes to get making decent money, but in the end it’s more rewarding because you can make money while you sleep.

In other words…

With freelancing, you have to perform the services to get paid and once you stop taking on jobs, you stop making money.

With eCourses, you can put in work upfront building the course and then set up marketing systems to automate the sales process so you make money passively.

Before we jump into the steps for starting your digital business selling online courses, I do want to say that I recommend doing a mix of both.

Start off as a freelancer, selling services to companies using skills you already have. While working as a freelancer, find extra time in your day to create a course around the skills and knowledge you have that others could learn from.

For example, maybe you’re a video editor experienced in using Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, etc.

You could build a course teaching people how to use each of these video editing softwares and sell each one individually as a separate course. This way, people can choose the course based on the software they’ll be using to edit their videos.

Here’s my recent course helping entrepreneurs learn how to take their business online and build a profitable eCommerce website with email marketing sales funnels bringing in customers on autopilot.

How to Sell Online Courses

Step 1: Determine what you know a lot about

I got started in online business by sharing my knowledge of golf.

I didn’t start playing until I was 16 years old but this was a blessing because it made me work extra hard for 3 years. By the time I left high school, I had won a few tournaments, shot scores under par, and averaged scores in the low 70’s consistently. I became a scratch golfer.

When I got to college, I began writing a golf eBook in my spare time that I planned to sell on Amazon for extra money. It contained drills that were set up day by day for 21 days and came with worksheets.

This was how you begin your internet business. Think of something you know really well that you could teach others.

Step 2: Determine the questions your students would ask

Next, think about what lessons you could teach students by looking at it from their perspective. What questions would a beginner level student want answers to?

Step 3: Build lessons around these questions

Map out the different lessons in your course using the question list you created from step 2. Think about the order people need to learn certain things in before being able to learn other things.

Step 4: Determine the format your course will be delivered in

You’ve got three main options: (1) Written, (2) Audio, and (3) Video. You could choose just one of the methods to format your course or a mix of all 3.

Step 5: Make use of tools and resources to improve the quality of your course

There are lots of tools and equipment to help you build an amazing course. Here is a list of resources I use in my online business. If you decide to use any of these, it would mean a lot if you used my link to access them. I’m an affiliate for some of these products so it credits me as the referrer and the company pays me a referral fee at no extra cost to you! Thanks so much in advance for supporting me.

Step 6: Pick out a hosting platform to sell your course through

You can either self host your course on your own website using a free plugin like WooCommerce or you can host your course on a third party platform like Teachable.

I currently use both WooCommerce and Teachable for my business, but here are some other online course building platforms:

Step 7: Price Your Online Course

One of the last steps the online course platforms have you go through before hitting publish is setting your price and payment options.

Depending on which course platform you are using, you may have the option of offering subscription plans, 3 month payment plans, and other pricing options in addition to the basic one time fee option.

I usually offer a one time fee of $97 or a three month payment plan of $39/month. The latter option will cost them $30 more which may motivate them to make the one time payment of $97 up front.

Here is a full article I wrote on how to determine what price to charge for your online course. It covers things not to do such as selling yourself short and charging too cheap of a price!

Step 8: Market Your Course

Now that your course is built and published live for customers to purchase, your last step is to spend lots of energy promoting your course to the internet.

Here are the following marketing strategies to use:

eBay & Amazon Business for Extra Income

One final strategy to highlight for earning a living online is starting an eBay re-sale business or Amazon re-sale business.

If you hop onto YouTube, you’ll find hundreds of Shopify Gurus and Amazon FBA Gurus preaching how to get started dropshipping and quickly make 6 figures in less than a year.

Sure, it’s possible but not for everyone.

Instead, take the realistic approach so you don’t get discouraged if you aren’t making $30,000 per month in 6 months from now…

To get started, pick a niche you want to master.

Maybe you’re very knowledgeable of beanie babies and can spot a vintage beanie baby that is selling way below it’s value at a local garage sale.

Buy it, list it a few hours on eBay when you get home, and then wait for the notification that it sold for 3X what you paid for it.

Repeat this process hunting down low priced items at garage sales and flipping them for great profit margins on eBay.

On Amazon, you’ll want to do product research and see what products have high demand. Then determine if the competition is strong or if you can easily rank your product listing and get the majority of the sales.

Once you find products you think you can rank high for and get the majority of the free traffic, you’ll need to find a supplier that offers that product at a profitable price.

Usually Alibaba and AliExpress are the common eCommerce sites Amazon FBA sellers will source products from and then resell on Amazon at marked up prices.

If you go the Shopify route, it’s a lot like the business of selling courses mentioned above. You’ll need to build your own audience and generate your own traffic through social media and email marketing.

But the profits can be much higher sense you’re not paying all the fees to eBay and Amazon.

Additional Resources, Guides, Online Courses to Help You

You’ve got four great methods for building an online business so it’s all up to you now to go out there and put in the work to make it happen.

We started off discussing how you can make income as a freelancer, performing various tasks for other companies and entrepreneurs who need your skills to fill gaps.

Then we discussed creating courses to sell that teach others skills and knowledge you have acquired during your life.

You could sell your knowledge in the form of eBooks on Amazon like I did when I first started.

Or you can go straight into course creation using an online platform like Teachable to host your content and collect payments from students.

Last, we talked about eBay and Amazon as platforms to flip things you find at cheaper prices at garage sales or from wholesale suppliers in China.

Here is an additional list of resources you can use to assist you in building your online business:

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