35 Real Estate Marketing Strategies for 2019

Because the world is rapidly changing, your old real estate marketing strategies can possibly be on shaky ground in the current year, 2019.

In order to think strategically, below is a list of 35 real estate marketing strategies that you can employ, no matter what roadblocks come your way in the meantime.

  1. Your team is part of your strategy

Your team members aren’t only agents who assist you but also they include your title companies, your lenders, your home inspectors, and your photographers. All in all, they represent your business.

In case one of your team members doesn’t service your clients, let them go, and hire someone else you would. Remember that your team is considered part of your marketing brand.

  1. Provide clients and prospects with a professional real estate binder

Did you know that the binder makes you a real professional? So why don’t many agents give one to prospects and clients?

Make sure your branding provides your clients and prospects with valuable real estate data.

  1. Establish a realtor newsletter

This strategy is considered among the most consistent strategies that can make you available to your clients and prospects.

In fact, visuals make your realtor newsletter effective for your real estate leads. So, make sure you provide fruitful real estate tips including buyer and seller tips.

Be professional when it comes to adding links to your newsletter, so that you can see who’s involved and what they click on.

Professional real estate websites include sections where people can search homes, receive updates via email, and create their own Favorite sections and hot sheets.

  1. Build a real estate website

A realtor website paves the way for people to search homes, subscribe, receive updates, and save their favorites.

  1. Get swag products with your real estate branding that can be promotional

Many experts recommend using DiscountMugs.com. It has a lot of products and not just mugs. You can use pens on which your real estate business name is engraved.

  1. Give educational courses for buyers and sellers

Through this course, you can educate prospects buyers and sellers on the process of buying and selling. All you need to do is provide them with the course’s link that they can click on to take the course.

  1. Have a real estate photo

Make sure you have a professional real estate photo which speaks on your business’s behalf.

  1. Create a signature you are known for

A signature that makes you prominent will be useful. Be creative and innovative.

  1. Customize your email signature

Customize your signature and include it within your email when corresponding with your clients and prospects.

  1. Include your real estate business photo within your email signature

It’s a fact that people like knowing who they are contacting with because email is sometimes impersonal. So, let them see you when you email them.

  1. Provide potential clients with a financial sheet

This can be provided in a printed sheet or sent via email. Don’t forget to include your real estate business contact information, photo, and branding.

Also, list all costs involved in the buying and selling processes. These costs include title costs, appraisal, reviews, and inspection costs.

  1. Provide real estate online tools

On your social media pages or/and website, you can provide clients and prospects with tools and calculators.

Here is a list of three calculators to include:

  1. Establish a relationship with your surrounding human resource departments

Developing and maintaining business relationships with local human resource departments can be helpful when it comes to marketing success.

  1. Once you have a lead, call or text them

It’s important to answer quickly to your clients and prospects because it’s likely that they are dealing with many realtors. That’s why expert recommend responding as soon as possible, or else you can hire a virtual assistant to do so.

Otherwise, explain to them why you cannot contact them; people are ok when they are given a proper explanation.

  1. Have a giveaway

Contact your clients and prospects before holidays and let them enter a giveaway.

  1. Make sure you have an opt-in on your real estate website

Create a way to capture your prospects’ phone numbers and emails on your website. Make it attracting enough to let them have easy access to the things they want to sign in using their email addresses and/or phone numbers.

  1. Make the element of surprise and fun part of the marketing strategy you’re adopting

Go to a nearby grocery to you and get a treat and a card. Write a note in the card and leave it at the door or your client, especially if they live in your neighborhood.

Send them a text about the surprise you left them and let them know you’re thinking about them. Believe me; they will love it that you can make their day.

  1. Your realtor business card can be great for your marketing mission

Professionals leave their real estate business cards everywhere, especially at the properties they show.

  1. Provide CMA’s as part of your marketing strategy

Call your Sphere of Influence and ask to conduct CMA’s for them. Try including a link to your newsletter for a free CMA’s.

  1. Search for frequently travelled roads and areas

Once you have your real estate listing on the most travelled roads and areas, your listing sign will be a free billboard.

Many realtors have had great leads coming from the lists of most frequently travelled roads and areas.

  1. Include lighting in your real estate signs

Solar-powered lightings that work on batteries are the best option for you to make your real estate listings stand out.

Your branding should be part of your real estate business marketing strategy. It’s the best way to let people pay attention to it.

It’s worth mentioning that your listing signs should be your real estate business billboard. Thus, make them stand out by installing solar-powered lightings.

  1. Why not to get testimonials?

By delivering excellent service to your clients, you can easily be rewarded with great testimonials. Your clients will love you and refer you all the time.

So, professionals recommend providing outstanding service in order to get those great testimonials and upload them to your real estate business website for all clients and prospects to see.

  1. Promote for HUD homes to get leads

Literally, this can make you thousands of dollars in a few years. Real estate professionals generate leads through this and then turn them into their clients.

  1. Engage with recruiting companies

Build business relationships with them and ask them to send you referrals concerning people who are willing to relocate to your area.

Write online articles that can speak to people relocating to your area.

  1. Keep in touch with your past clients

Say hi to no purpose, send a text message, leave a voice mail in case they’re not picking the phone. Believe me; this can be fruitful, especially in the long run.

  1. Always include updates on your website

Such updates provide your clients and prospects with the information they might need or be looking for.

Such information is easy to access. You can call your local board and ask them to update you with that information.

  1. ‘A call to action’ on your email can be fruitful

As the headline suggests, calls to action can be helpful. For instance, you can create ‘Search All Homes Listed for Sale’ as a button on your website or/and email you send to clients and prospects.

  1. Include a testimonial within the signature of your email

Clients’ testimonials are important and should be part of your real estate marketing strategies.

  1. Make hot sheets for the leads you get

After creating these hot sheets, include personal notes within them, and then send them directly.

  1. Ask to join a local group that has hobbies in common

These local groups can help you and get help from you concerning the real estate business you own and operate, especially when it comes to marketing strategies.

  1. Include your own contact list in your mobile

This is helpful in a way that whenever you need to contact a client or an agent, you can quickly find them in your mobile’s Contact List without the need to look for their card in your office.

  1. Ask for prospects’ email addresses

It’s a very simple request. Tell your prospect that having their email address can ease the way for you to contact them with updates.

  1. Write your real estate eBook

This is a great way to make yourself an authority over your business. If you have no time writing your eBook, you can simply outsource it to a ghostwriter.

  1. Always update your website’s blog

Writing up-to-date blog articles and uploading them to your own blog are two great ways to successful real estate marketing.

If you have no time to do so, you can hire a freelancer online. Try Upwork.

  1. Hold workshops and conferences

Through workshops and conferences, you can market your own business. Hold workshops on many topics related to your target demographic.

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