37 Blog Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Today we’ve compiled a list of blog post ideas and topics to give real estate agents an idea of what types of blog posts to publish to your real estate blog.

  1. 7 Tips for Finding a Real Estate Agent
  2. 5 Questions Every Seller Should Ask Their Listing Agent
  3. Who Pays the Commission in a Real Estate Deal?
  4. 2019 Real Estate Market Report for _____ (city)
  5. 7 Tips for Sellers Who Want to Stage Their Home
  6. First Time Homeowner’s Guide to Buying a House
  7. Ultimate Guide for Selling Your House
  8. Buyer’s Cost Guide: How Much Do Buyers Pay in Transaction Fees
  9. Seller’s Cost Guide: How Much Do Sellers Pay in Fees & Commissions
  10. What is Curb Appeal & How to Improve Yours
  11. Should You Spend Money on Renovations or Sell As Is
  12. Fifteen Things Every Homeowner Should Consider Before Selling
  13. When Do You Know If It’s the Right Time to Sell?
  14. Buyer’s Guide on How to Handle a Bidding War
  15. How to Find Foreclosed Homes for Sale?
  16. 11 Tips for Buying a Home at a Foreclosure Auction
  17. How Much Money Down Should You Pay on a New Home?
  18. How to Get Pre Approved for Financing
  19. 6 Ways You Can Finance a Real Estate Purchase
  20. Title Insurance Explained: What is It? Who Needs It?
  21. What Costs are Expected in a Real Estate Transaction
  22. How to Get a Home Inspection Guide
  23. 9 Tips for Getting a Home Inspection
  24. Neighborhood Specific Market Reports & Sales Information
  25. 5 Renovation Tips for Remodeling a Kitchen
  26. 7 Renovation Tips for Remodeling a Bathroom
  27. How to Hire Contractors – Beginner’s Guide
  28. 9 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Sale
  29. 4 Reasons to Live in a New Home Before Renovating
  30. DIY Backyard Fire Pit – How to Create One on a Budget
  31. 5 Tips for Spring Lawn Prep
  32. How to Maximize Space in a Small Kitchen
  33. 2019 Design Trends: What’s In for House Re-Designs
  34. How to Determine How Much House You Can Afford?
  35. What is Private Mortgage Insurance?
  36. What is FHA Financing & Do You Qualify for It?
  37. What Credit Score Do You Need to Buy a House?

As you can see these are all value driven blog posts where you’ll be providing helpful information to a real estate client.

They may not be your client yet, but reading answers to their questions in article format feels like they’re already working with you and they start to see you as the agent they can trust and go to with more questions.

This is how you attract clients into your funnel passively using a real estate website blog while you spend your time doing other lead generation activities offline.

Overall, give these blog post ideas for real estate agents a try and hopefully you’ve had several additional ideas come to mind as well!


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