How Much to Pay for Your New Real Estate Website?

If you are a real estate agent and you DO NOT HAVE your own real estate website yet…it’s okay. But it’s really not okay haha. You SHOULD have your own real estate website.

Below we are going to talk about how to get a real estate agent website made for you and how much you should pay to have this website built for you.

But first, here are reasons why a real estate agent should have a website:

  • Advertise who you are and that you exist so your city can learn about you
  • Provide valuable information, blog articles, video content that locals can learn from
  • Builds trust that you know your stuff, your educated, experienced, etc.
  • An easy place you can send someone that you meet in public “hey check out my website and shoot me an email”
  • Generates passive leads on autopilot from visitors filling out forms
  • People can easily find contact info for you like your phone number and email to get in touch

With a mix of professionalism, lead generation systems integrated, quality content, and ease of navigation your real estate agent website can be used as a tool for driving new business growth and helping you earn more commission selling real estate in the coming years.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website?

Real estate websites can run more expensive than traditional, basic websites. $500 vs $2,000.

The reason being, is that most real estate agents want to sync up their website to the MLS (multiple listing service) feed so they can display properties for sale and listings on their website.

IDX Service

These are known as IDX websites and this carries a monthly subscription fee to get access to having the IDX running on your website.

It can vary in cost with lower end prices starting at $39/month on up to $199/month depending on the IDX service you go with for syncing the MLS to your real estate website.

Website Hosting

In addition to that feature, you also have to pay for website hosting so that your website can even exist on the internet.

Website hosting is basically a company providing a service to you where you are renting web space from them and in return they store all your website files and create a website manager dashboard called a cPanel you can have access to.

Website hosting starts at just $4/month (learn about Bluehost) but can run higher like $99/month if you have a large website with tons of traffic (100,000 or more visitors) since you’d need more bandwidth space for this amount of website traffic.

But most local city real estate websites are going to generate smaller traffic amounts on a daily basis so you will be fine with the starting $4/month hosting plan.

Domain Name URL

You also need to purchase a domain name which is the URL you want people to type in to find your website.

Examples like or are real estate websites we’ve ran for years but you can also use other ideas besides your personal name in the URL.

A domain URL costs $10 per year so very minimal. Set up auto-renewal or buy 3 years at a time so you can set aside worrying about renewing your domain. If you forget, you could lose your website when the domain name expires.

Software / Page Builder ThemesĀ 

Lastly, you’ll have expenses for other softwares you decide to include on your website. If you want it connected to your social media accounts there are free and paid options.

The layout and design of your website is dependent on what website theme you choose. Website themes can cost $60 to buy licensing to.

In summary, running your website each year can cost as low as $60 and as high as $1,000. Most websites will fall in the $400-$500 range annually when you factor in:

  • Hosting – $50 / year
  • Domain – $10 / year
  • IDX MLS – $400 / year

Plus, don’t forget the website designer fee to get your website set up and the ongoing maintenance work you may need to outsource when things get messed up on your site.

Hiring a Website Designer to Build Your Real Estate Agent Website

The above costs are just for the different pieces you need to set up your website. But if you also plan on hiring a website designer to create your real estate agent website for you, then this will be an additional cost.

Website designers can charge hourly rates like $65 / hour or flat fees like $500 to $2,000 to build your website.

Cost will vary on how complicated your website will be. If it’s a basic template design it can be done quickly and cheaply. But the more advanced features you add, the more it could cost you.

Get a quote from myself ([email protected]) to build a WordPress based website. I’ve built the real estate agent sites listed above as well as other real estate website for realtors in Miami and Los Angeles.

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