How Often Should Realtor’s Post to their Real Estate Facebook Page?

If you’re a real estate agent wanting to learn more about using social media to connect with potential clients, then this post is for you as well as other articles on the blog I’ve written specifically for realtors.

I’ve been a licensed realtor myself but I’ve always enjoyed learning the ins and outs of marketing and technology. I’ve pursued consulting to help teach other agents more about online lead generation, social media marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising campaigns (like Facebook & Instagram Ads).

If you have a website, have an email list, and have social media accounts, you are on your way to building your brand and reaching thousands of new people in your city with these powerful tools.

Today we discuss the frequency you should post to your Facebook Business page that you’ve set up for your real estate agent business.

If you don’t have a business Facebook page yet, then that is the first step! Check out this tutorial on how to set one up!

The Proper Frequency to Post to a Facebook Page for Real Estate

I’d recommend at least 3x a week when starting out. You want to put out a decent volume of content so that you are touching multiple angles and covering your basis in terms of content your audience wants to see.

For example, set up a schedule to publish a new post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Use analytics to see what times and days are getting the most views and reach. Then adjust your schedule accordingly. Maybe your audience does best when you publish Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Types of Content to Publish to a Real Estate Agent Facebook Page

You want to include a variety of types of content so you can reach buyers, sellers, investors as well as be a valuable resource in people’s view point in general.

This can lead to them referring you when they hear of someone thinking of buying or selling or in search of a real estate agent.

Types of Posts:

  • Articles you copy paste from the internet
  • Custom posts you type out with a photo
  • Video to catch their attention and then description text they can read or click links

Types of Content:

  • Tips for Home Buyers on What to Look For in a House
  • Tips for Buyers on How to Select a Real Estate Agent
  • Tips for Buyers on How to Negotiate with Sellers
  • Tips for Buyers on Financing
  • Tips for Sellers on How to List Their Home
  • Tips for Sellers on Staging & Cleaning their Home for Showings
  • Tips for Sellers on Renovation Costs vs Selling As Is
  • Tips for First Time Investors, Home Buyers, Sellers
  • Market Statistics (Monthly)
  • Mortgage Rates
  • Stocks vs Real Estate: Which Is Better to Invest?
  • Tax Incentives of Buying / Investing in Real Estate

As you can see there is no shortage in types of content you can find online, articles others have written that you can simply copy paste to a Facebook post on your real estate agent business page.

Then write a short description with your Facebook post and click schedule! You can hire someone to manage your page, posting weekly for you if you’d like to save time.

Email [email protected] if you’d like me to handle your page management for you. I currently assist other realtors with their business Facebook pages and creating content for them to engage their followers and grow page likes.

Don’t Spam Your Page with New Listing Posts

If you think about most real estate agents, they will usually only post about new listings. For example “New Listing Alert! Come check out my new listing at 111 ABC Street Oklahoma City, OK and if you’re looking to buy let’s write up an offer!”

And these posts are okay but they also are kind of spammy to be honest. Your followers don’t want to just follow you to see your new listings.

90% of these new real estate listing posts aren’t even going to be relevant to the viewer as the price and house and bedrooms, etc. wont match their criteria if they were in the market to buy.

But most of your audience ISN’T even in the market right now to buy a house anyway!

That’s why these new listing posts are problematic and struggle to provide results, unless you’re one of the 1% of real estate agents who has a massive 10,000 person following.

Then, yes it’s a numbers game and posting your new listings all the time may result in a follower of your Facebook page, messaging you about buying the listing.

And sure, you may be posting your listings also to humble brag how you get lots of listings and how sellers choose you over other agents. But if you do to much of this, your audience gets annoyed.

They already know you’re a real estate agent so if they decide to sell, they’ll consider you.

Don’t over due it by only posting listings, mix in other types of content to show you’re a well rounded agent in touch with the needs your audience has. Keep them up to date with market statistics they’ll find interesting so they know if their property value is going up with the market.

Educational articles and tips are a great way to provide value and make your Facebook business page stand out among all the other realtor Facebook pages your followers might also be following.

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