How to Advertise that You Buy Houses (‘We Buy Houses’ Business Marketing Ideas)

If you’re new to real estate investing, then you’re going to quickly learn the importance of marketing your business locally. Without seller leads, you have no real estate investing business.

So how do you get the word out around town and let property owners know you buy houses cash or just in general as a real estate investor?

#1: Facebook Ads

The quickest way to reach thousands of people locally and let them know you’re looking to buy houses as an investor is through Facebook Ads.

Facebook is a platform with 2 billion people and the Ad platform they have is under-priced compared to what businesses are spending on billboards and other non-internet advertising still these days.

You also get access to data so you can see how many people you reached, clicks, sign ups, etc. to help you track conversion rates and effectiveness of different ads.

Facebook knows locations of every user through tracking your IP address of where you are logged in to Facebook, which means Facebook has access to data like who lives where.

This allows advertisers to target specific cities and zip codes so that ads are only shown to local people who reside in those areas.

As a real estate investor, you can target your zip codes you plan to buy houses and run ads highlighting how someone thinking about selling can get a hold of you to discuss more.

One of the best ads to run is a home valuation ad where they’ll fill out their name, email, and address so you can give them a quote of how much you’d potentially offer on their property.

For more on running Facebook ads and hiring someone to manage it for you, contact [email protected] for consulting services.

#2: Craigslist Posts

Another popular online platform for real estate is Craigslist. It’s a big forum community where you can post multiple times a day into multiple pages on the site like For Rent, For Sale, Housing Needed, Housing Wanted, etc.

A lot of times sellers who don’t want to go direct through a realtor, will instead opt for Craigslist as a way to connect with buyers and do a For Sale By Owner transaction.

This gives you a chance to reach these potential sellers by advertising your We Buy Houses business in the different pages of Craigslist’s Real Estate Section.

#3: Direct Mail

While Facebook is a low cost method for reaching thousands of people, quickly, and gives you access to data, it does have it’s draw backs such as targeting the wrong people.

With Direct Mail, however, you can get super specific and target homeowners only, screening out renters from seeing your ads.

You can also target specific neighborhoods, ensuring you aren’t wasting money on people living in bad parts of town you wish to avoid.

#4: Cold Calls

Direct Mail can get expensive if you send out frequently, large batches of mail to your target neighborhoods. Instead, consider giving those same homeowners a call via phone for free.

The only cost is the dialer service you have to sign up for to get access to the homeowner information.

RedX is a common real estate database that gives you access to phone numbers of homeowners in your target neighborhoods.

You can make hundreds of dials a day which could produce 1-30 leads a day to keep your pipeline full if you’re trying to do high volume of wholesale deals or flips / rentals.

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