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How to Think About Money – Under 30 Wealth

Under 30 wealth has been going strong now for over 6 months with increased readership and page views every month. I’ve received great comments through email relating to many of my articles and want to thank you guys for these positive comments!

Today, we’re introducing the Under 30 Wealther. This blog is about money and about building wealth at a young age so we’ve created an archetype of the example person you want to be like to achieve financial freedom young. Call yourself an Under 30 Wealther or U30 Wealther for short, or even Wealther for short short short.

A U30 Wealther is someone who understands that life is more than working a job for 40 years. We understand that we don’t have to work 40 years like the average person. Instead, we are people who want to build wealth fast and build it young so we can enjoy our lives and enjoy time freedom to run our days as we please.

This means we break a lot of common tendencies that average people do as we’ve recognized a smarter path to financial freedom.

For example, U30 Wealther’s don’t take on debt to purchase a car. Instead we save up money and make cash purchases. We also don’t go for brand new expensive cars.

Instead we are completely happy purchasing a $10,000 or less used car that gets the job done just the same as a $40,000 BMW.

We’re not caught up in showing off our image and acting rich.

U30 Wealther’s enjoy accumulating assets and building wealth so that one day they can comfortably afford that dream car if they want to but most importantly they’ll be retired and enjoying life’s freedoms while their counterpart BMW buddy is still going into the office 40-60 hours per week.

U30 Wealther’s save a high percentage of their income.

We find free methods of entertainment and happiness while the average person consumes, consumes, and consumes some more on things that provide no value towards their retirement.

It actually makes U30 Wealther’s happy saving a high percentage of money and pains them to spend money.

We realize every dollar we spend is a dollar lost that could be working for us and earning interest.

Want More Personal Finance Tips & Motivation

This is just a preview of the U30 Wealther as you’ll see more lessons and traits to come in upcoming articles.

In these future blog posts to come we will be numbers oriented and story oriented as well. I’ve had the privilege to learn from several amazing millionaire mentors in my short life time and have lots of tips and lessons coming your way to share with you.

I hope you love learning from others as much as I do. My mentors have taught me some fascinating tricks and secrets to life.

Under 30 Wealth Podcast

If you’ve been listening to my Podcast on iTunes, I want to alert you that we’ve got future episodes coming with millionaires and successful individuals that I’ve been able to interview thus far as well as the future millionaires I get interviews with and onto the show.

I’ve started off the podcast with several solo episodes laying out basic lessons for you to master and then we’ll shift into interviews so you can hear another voice on the show and learn from the millionaires themselves!

Check out the Podcast here and subscribe to it!

Set 10 Year Financial Goals

Last but not least, as a U30 Wealther, we are obsessed as mentioned with the idea of accumulating wealth fast and early in life. Therefore, we will focus on a timeline of 7-10 years of focus and dedication to build wealth in order to retire by the end of that 7th to 10th year.

So regardless of your current financial situation, if you start applying the principles to come on this blog as well as past articles, then you will be in a great place financially 7-10 years from now and hopefully we will all be sharing the success stories together at a U30 Wealth Meet Up Mastermind Session.

Today marks your first day of a new journey as a U30 Wealther. If living cheaply, saving high amounts of money, investing your high amount of savings, and setting a goal to retire or have the ability to in 7-10 years isn’t you, no hard feelings.

You can keep reading along and maybe will have a change of mindset or attitude along the way. For the rest of you who match the profile of the U30 Wealther and are hungry for success, get ready! Discipline will be a huge factor to your success. Looking forward to it.

rental property investing

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