Personal Finance & Wealth Building Resources

I’ve provided several resources below from eBooks, to articles, to retirement calculators, to softwares, in order to help you successfully track your finances and be aware of your net worth so that you can focus on growth each month.

eBook on Stock Investing

The Book on Stock Market Investing: The Ultimate Guide

Learn the basics of the stock market and learn how to research stocks as well as set up an online account to trade stocks or to manage your own long term portfolio.

This comprehensive guide will get you up to speed so that in our next eBook, “How to Value Companies and Determine Estimated Share Price” you will be able to do financial analyst level thinking, and calculate out estimated share prices using modeling techniques in order to predict future share price of a company.

This beginner’s basics eBook will cover the following topics and questions:

  • What is a stock?
  • What is the stock market?
  • Who invests in the stock market?
  • What causes prices to increase and decrease?
  • Bull vs Bear Markets
  • Stock Market Terminology
  • Example Companies and Scenarios
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Why You Should Invest In Stocks
  • Power of Compounding Interest and Investment Returns
  • Day Trading
  • How to Set Up a Stock Brokerage Account Online
  • How to Research Stocks
  • And more
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Budgeting & Accounting Resources

How to Create an Awesome Budget – read this blog article showing you step by step how to set up a budget and track your expenses each month. The more wasteful expenses you can eliminate from your spending pattern, the more money you’ll have to save and invest towards reaching financial freedom.

FreshBooks – an awesome invoicing software for small business. Easily send invoices, track time, manage expenses, and receive payments online.

Quickbooks – one of the more commonly known accounting softwares. You can buy the online version, which I would highly recommend, to use from anywhere in the country via log in access.

Xero – offers a variety of accounting features and is a great alternative as well to Quickbooks

Personal Capital – I love personal capital. It links to your financial accounts through bank level security allowing you to see all your financial information in one place by simply logging in to your Personal Capital account. You can see your net worth, track your expenses and budget, as well as automate bill pay. Highly recommended for managing your personal finances. – the other top choice by many people for tracking their budget, paying bills, and managing finances all from one secure online location.

Financial Calculators

Bank Rate List of Financial Calculators – the ultimate list of 25+ different calculators to choose from!

Mortgage Calculator

How Much House Can I Afford Calculator

Retirement Goal Calculator

Savings Plan Calculator

Free Video Lessons

Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and watch 3-5 minute video lessons I publish monthly for you to grow your knowledge of financial planning and wealth management. If you find my channel helpful, I encourage you to share it with others!

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Investing & Retirement Articles:

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