What is Backlinking? Real Estate SEO for Agents

Whether you are new to websites and blogging or have experience under your belt, you’re going to hear terms like SEO and Backlinking if you dive deeper into learning about building traffic (visitors / readers) to your website.

What is SEO? What is Backlinking? No worries, this guide has got you covered as we will be going over the basics of backlinking and why backlinking plays a crucial role to your success with Real Estate SEO.

In other words, they go hand in hand.

What is SEO?

For starters, we’ve written an entire guide already on Real Estate SEO for Real Estate Agents you can read. It’s a long in depth guide that will catch you up to speed on how to optimize your website with SEO.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a the actions you take on your website to help give it the best chance of being ranked high in search results.

When someone is looking for help on a real estate topic like “How to Get Qualified for a Mortgage” they’ll type that phrase into Google, which is considered a Search Engine.

Google then displays results which include blog articles and videos for the searcher to sift through in attempt to solve the problem or inquiry they were curious about.

Your goal is to be one of those top choices that get displayed in the Google search results. This is how you will get people to your website and into your lead funnel to become prospects who may buy or sell a home in the future.

SEO is simply steps you take to optimize your website and help improve it’s ability and chance to rank for different search phrases people are searching on a daily basis.

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What is Backlinking?

There are many different parts to SEO and one of the most important is Backlinking.

Backlinking occurs when another website is linking to your website. It’s important because it tells Google that this other website thinks highly of your website and thinks your real estate content is important enough to deserve linking to.

Websites that get lots of backlinks from other websites tend to do well in search results, studies have found. Google sees these websites as authoritative and leaders in their niche since so many other websites are link to their content.

How to Get Backlinks?

Ideally, you want to get backlinks naturally. You want other real estate themed websites like lenders, appraisers, plumbers, etc. to find your website and link to it naturally on their own.

However, this process can take a long time and be very slow.

To speed things up and generate lots of backlinks, you can take actions like outreaching to other website owners and insist they link to you.

For example, you could create an amazing blog post sharing helpful tips with a home owner about home inspections.

Then you could take that blog post and email the link to a home inspector letting him known you’ve written a helpful guide for homeowners. Ask him to read it and share thoughts on it since he is the professional inspector.

If he enjoys the article, ask him if he wouldn’t mind sharing it on his social media or linking to it from his website.

Overall, if you work out a mutual benefit you’re more likely to get another website owner to agree to linking to your content and helping you gain new back links.

Word of Caution: Link exchanges can be frowned upon by Google if you are emailing someone telling them “hey let’s exchange links and help each other gain backlinks for Google”

Instead, you should try to get these backlinks by providing a piece of content that is valuable that the website owner will be happy to share and link to so their readers can see the resource you’ve created.

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